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De-stressNutty Berry

A lush hydrating cooler made with pitaya, black sesame, and maca to invigorate and relieve your mind and body. 
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Pink Dragon Fruit, Black Sesame Seeds, Walnuts, Maca, Acerola


Coconut water, pink dragon fruit, strawberry, orange, walnuts, banana, passion fruit, black sesame seeds, sunflower seeds*, mint, coconut flakes*, maca*, acerola*
(*Certified organic)

Contains tree nuts. Manufactured on shared equipment with peanuts.

nutrition facts

For When you Feel

Physical lethargy
Prolonged mental stress
Dry skin or weak hair
Drained from dehydration

I Am

Wholly Natural
Low GI
Source of Fibre
Packed with Superfoods

What can I do for you?

Physical + Mental Energy Boost
Skin + Hair Rejuvenation
Anti-inflammatory Protection
Bundles with De-stress



Detox and De-stress

The reviving combo to cleanse and rehydrate.

A Bit Of Everything


De-stress, Detox, Energy, Immunity and Recovery

A well-rounded super-pack.

Guilt-Free Desserts


De-stress and Recovery

Red bean ice and carrot cake with zero added sugars.
Icebar Smoothie Concept

Functional smoothies — packed with natural nutrition, ready in an instant.

Two ways to enjoy

Icebar—Dive right into it for a cool crunch.

Smoothie—Blend1 with your liquid of choice2.

1.   Recommended practice—with a glass of liquid and ½ a banana.
2.   Oat milk for richness and goodness (to the planet, too).

Storage and Packaging Recycling


In the freezer. For optimal freshness, consume within six months upon receipt.


100% FSC-certified and zero plastic. Our packaging is designed to live a thriving second life with you.

Bar Wrapping

FSC-certified unbleached total chlorine free (TCF) greaseproof paper from IfYouCare.

Individual Box

FSC-certified cardboard paper.

Package Wrapping (if any)

FSC-certified, soy-based inks, acid-free paper from noissue.

Our Earth Says

First - reduce,
if not - reuse,
last resort - recycle.

Bar and Packaging Wrapping

Return to us clean on your next delivery for us to recycle.

Individual box

Recycle in the paper section.

From Nature to You

Step One

Step One

Nutritional Research

We work with certified nutritionists to formulate natural recipes that are fit for purpose.

Step Two

Step Two

Prioritise Sourcing Local

We always source local where possible to minimise carbon footprint. For less conventional ingredients, we source from suppliers that not only produce quality foods, but also generate positive outcomes for their communities and Earth.

Step Three

Step Three

Vacuum Blend. Freeze.

We vacuum blend, then freeze the mixtures immediately to retain maximum nutrition within the produce.

Step Four

Step Four

Minimal packaging

We pack and deliver your orders with only what is necessary to minimise negative planetary impact.