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AwakenHazelnut Cacao

A not-so-sweet, but decadent treat graced with hazelnuts, cacao, and coconut to invigorate your mind and refuel your body.
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Cacao, Walnuts, Maca, Brown Rice Protein, Gluten-free Rolled Oats


Gluten-free rolled oats*, maple syrup*, hazelnuts, canola oil, brown rice protein*, walnuts, brazil nuts*, maca*, sunflower seeds*, cacao nibs*, chia seeds*, coconut flakes*, cacao powder
(*Certified Organic)

Contains tree nuts. Manufactured on shared equipment with peanuts.

nutrition facts
When you want

Energising and uplifting breakfast
Brain fuel post long hours of work
Sweet and rejuvenating study-aid

i am

Wholly Natural
Low GI
High Fibre
Source of Protein

What can I do for you?

Sustainable Mental + Physical Fuel
Elevates Cognitive Focus + Performance
Promotes Long-term Brain Health
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Awaken and Endurance

Raising and keeping your energy at the next level.

A Bit Of Everything


Awaken, Chillax and Endurance

For you curious ones to nibble and dabble all day long.
Functional Granola Concept

Crisp clean fuel - tastes sweet or savoury, for breakfast, lunch, snack, or dinner.


Crunching nüte savoury granolas

Crunch with milk or yoghurt*.

*Fruits also highly recommended.

Munching or snacking nüte granolas

Munch in handfuls by the jar.

Storage and Packaging Recycling


Best stored in freezer to retain maximum nutrition and crunch for up to three months.

Otherwise, store at a cool dry place away from light to be consumed within a month.


Our packaging is designed to live a thriving second life with you.

Glass jar

Enclosed with sealed wooden lid.

Packaging sleeve

Pure paper attached with minimal tape.

Our Earth Says

First - reduce,
if not - reuse,
last resort - recycle.

Glass jar

Reuse to store goods.

Packaging sleeve

Trim away the taped parts and recycle in the paper section.

From Nature to You

Step One

Step One

Nutritional Research

We work with certified nutritionists to formulate natural recipes that are fit for purpose.

Step Two

Step Two

Prioritise Sourcing Local

We always source local where possible to minimise carbon footprint. For less conventional ingredients, we source from suppliers that not only produce quality foods, but also generate positive outcomes for their communities and Earth.

Step Three

Step Three

Bake and Freeze

We bake and freeze our products immediately after to retain maximum freshness, nutrition, and crunch. Minimal excess stock is kept to upkeep freshness and avoid wastage.

Step Four

Step Four

Minimal packaging

We pack and deliver your orders with only what is necessary to minimise negative planetary impact.