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What do yoü do?

We make fast functional food - created with nourishing ingredients from nature to deliver nutritious pleasure conveniently.

We also shower you with evidence-based nutritional knowledge - empowering you to nourish yourself wherever, whenever.

What does nüte (“newt”) mean?

Natural, nutritious foods for you.

What are your dreams?

To know that we have contributed towards a world in which everyone desires, knows how to, and can afford to eat well.

Are your products vegan / vegetarian?

All our products are vegan. We believe a more plant-based approach would benefit your health and rejuvenates our Earth.

What diet do you believe in?

Nutritionally, we believe in eating natural, balanced, and varied. We promote more plant-eating due to its scarcity in modern diets; but we do not recommend being vegan, as it is extremely difficult to obtain all the nutrition that you need to thrive. Though for planetary sustainability, being vegan would undoubtedly contribute the most positive impact.

All in all, we believe each of us should understand what our body needs and nourish it conscientiously. Know what you eat, where your food comes from, and not to eat excessively. This approach can work in harmony with maintaining the longevity of our beloved planet.

Do we host workshops, or cater?

Yes absolutely - please send us a message and we will attend to you right away.

What is earth-friendly to you?

We agree with philosopher Alan Watts - “the world beyond the skins is an extension of our own bodies.”

We feel personal with nature, hence we are conscious of how each of our decisions would impact her. We believe every caring act stems from a relationship, so we work to help kindle your innate connection to nature.

We don’t demand enormous sacrifices, and we don’t believe in effecting change from inducing guilt. We appreciate that all of us face real constraints on our ability to make the most sustainable choices. Our role is to diminish those constraints - to make your choices easier and better informed.

How earth-friendly is your packaging?

Our packaging is designed to live a thriving second life with you. All of it can be either fully reused or recycled.

Icebar Smoothies
Bar and Packaging Wrapping - return to us clean on your next delivery for us to recycle.
Individual box - recycle in the paper section.

Functional Granolas
Glass jar - reuse to store goods.
Packaging sleeve - trim away the taped parts and recycle in the paper section.

How else are you helping the Earth?

Sourcing - All our fresh fruits and vegetables come from local markets. With the other ingredients(nuts, seeds, grains, and less conventional ingredients), we first try to source from zero-packaging suppliers; but if this significantly harms the product’s affordability, then we compromise by purchasing from suppliers who not only provide quality ingredients, but also contribute towards environmental and / or community sustainability. We recycle as much of the packaging as possible through both government and private recycling organisations - we will update you with statistical figures when our team grows in time to address this with accuracy.

Packaging - With your help, our icebar smoothie packaging is all recyclable. For the granolas, aside from a minuscule amount of tape that we use, all of the packaging is either reuseable or recyclable, too.

Delivery - We either make deliveries ourselves, or we delegate to our cold-chain logistics partner, who kindly allows us to use a minimal amount of packaging to deliver our goodies to you.

Carbon offset - We recognise that some of our work - e.g: purchasing overseas ingredients, delivering our products to you - produces carbon emissions that harm our Earth. To be honest, we do not currently have the capability to accurately measure how much emissions we are producing every year, but we are starting the offset by contributing to onetreeplanted, a tree-planting organisation in Vermont. Our commitment now is to plant one tree for every HKD 1,000 of revenue, and we will scale up our efforts as we grow.

Why does science matter?

Intrinsically, it never takes any sides, it can logically explain what works, and it encourages its theories to be tested by controlled trials and experiments. Science is our most reliable and trustworthy friend.

How are your products functional?

We work to make you feel good through food. We delve into a wide range of scientific research to learn to combine different foods to serve different functions for your health. This is - and will always be - our approach to our creations. Of course, we will not compromise on taste.

Where are your nutrition facts from?

We mainly obtain our nutritional data from Nutritics, a professional nutrition analysis software. We also access integrated data systems such as USDA FoodData Central and the Food Nutrient Finder from the Centre for Food Safety (Hong Kong)

What is an icebar smoothie?

A vegan functional icebar that instantly blends into a quenching smoothie, or you simply enjoy it as a refreshing icepop.

Why do you make them?

As a food, smoothies are not only delicious and refreshing, but also that they often contain an abundance and variety of nutrition.

In icebar smoothies, we want to take convenience to the next level. You no longer need to figure out what and where to buy, and there’s no need to chop the ingredients up to blend either. All you need now is an icebar out of the freezer, and blend it with half a banana and a glass of oat milk to enjoy.

The frozen nature of this product also significantly increases the lifetime of food, thereby reducing the amount of food waste.

Where are your ingredients from?

We source as many of our ingredients as possible from local markets. For the less conventional ingredients, we do a great amount of due diligence to identify the overseas suppliers whose work best produces not only quality ingredients, but also positive outcomes for their communities and our Earth.

How and where do you make them?

We use vacuum blenders to blend the ingredients, minimising micronutrient loss through air. Once blended, we immediately freeze these nutritious fusions.

All this magic happens in a licensed food factory (#2915803370) in Hong Kong.

How should I consume them?

We recommend that you blend each icebar with a glass of oat milk and half a banana for the best creaminess and volume.

Otherwise, let it melt with a glass of liquid and shaken into a beverage, or just enjoy as an icepop.

You can even chop them up into cubes and mix them with fruits or breakfast bowls - feel free to get creative with them.

How do I store them?

In the freezer.

How long can I keep them for?

They will be good for 6 months from the date of purchase, as freezing significantly extends the shelf life of food without loss of nutrition.

Are they meal replacements?

We don’t like this term much, because it makes our foods seem artificial when they are simply just combinations of real, fresh foods.

But in terms of calories and macronutrients, Energy and Recovery can serve as a light breakfast, or even a hearty one, if you use two bars to make one large smoothie. Detox and Immunity are more refreshments - at any time of the day - to nourish you with a plethora of antioxidants and micronutrients.

Do they contain allergens?

Some of them, yes. Please carefully read through our allergen statement for each product if you have any concerns.

Are they compatible with paleo/ keto diets

Most of our products are suitable for a paleo diet. We use real ingredients that are natural and minimally-processed, guaranteeing you a freshly-made product with the absence of refined sugars and dairy. However, we do include gluten-free whole grains in some of our products to cater for those that are intolerant or allergic to gluten.

On the other hand, our products may not be suitable for those on ketogenic diets, which have a high fat requirement and strict limits on the intake of carbohydrates. Plenty of our ingredients (fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains) are sources of complex carbohydrates that come with natural sugars, but also a wealth of macro- and micronutrients.

Do you offer subscriptions?

Yes, but this offering is not currently on the website. Please send us a message and we will sort that out for you right away.

What are functional granolas?

Sweet or savoury granolas packed with plant protein, fibre, and micronutrients - designed to nourish with a health purpose from breakfast to dinner.

Why do you make them?

Granola is conventionally a sweet-tasting product that contains many natural and highly nutritious ingredients such as oats, nuts, seeds. We felt that from the many granolas that we have sampled, most contain excessive amounts of sugar, some even artifical. We were then inspired to create truly “nutricious” breakfasts - all-natural, low sugars, more super(-nutritious)foods.

As the main ingredients of granola all contain a wealth of goodness, we do not see a reason why we should not introduce savoury flavours to this incredibly convenient goodie - so they can nourish you in any meal at any time of the day - splash them on your toasts and wraps, munch them on their own, cook your pastas, rices, or noodles with them.

Where are you sourcing your ingredients?

We source as many of our ingredients as possible from local markets. For the less conventional ingredients, we do a great amount of due diligence to identify the overseas suppliers whose work best produces not only quality ingredients, but also positive outcomes for their communities and our Earth.

How should I consume them?

For the sweet flavours,
1. Crunch with milk or yoghurt. Fruits, nuts, and seeds also highly recommended.
2. Munch in handfuls by the jar.

For the savoury flavours,
1. Crunch with salads, toasts, wraps, pastas, or grains.
2. Munch in handfuls by the jar.

How do I store them?

Best stored in freezer; otherwise, a cool, dry place away from sunlight.

How long can I keep them for?

It’ll retain maximum crunch and nutrition in the freezer for up to 3 months. Otherwise, please consume within a month post purchase.

Do they contain allergens?

Some of them, yes. Please carefully read through our allergen statement for each product if you have any concerns.

Do you offer subscriptions?

Yes, but this offering is not currently on the website. Please send us a message and we will sort that out for you right away.

How do I order?

Right here, or send us a message - don’t be a stranger.

What payment methods do you accept?

Credit card, FPS or PayMe.

How to return, refund, or cancel?

Our products are all made to order, so we are unable to accept returns, refunds, or cancellations. All sales are final.

Do you deliver?

Yes we do, with the minimum amount of packaging that ensures the quality and integrity of our products.

Locations - we deliver to addresses within Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, and selected areas of New Territories, excluding any outlying islands, or any PO Boxes.

Times - delivery times are every Wednesday and Saturday.

Costs - delivery is free for any orders at or above HKD 600 before any discounts. Otherwise, a flat one-time delivery fee of HKD 40 will be charged.

Frozen products - if your order contains frozen products, please arrange for your delivery to be received at your address in person. We will contact you a day before your preferred delivery date to obtain your agreement for us to deliver your order at an agreed time the following day.

If your order only contains shelf-stable products, we will attempt to deliver on your preferred delivery date without contacting you in advance.

Bad weather - in the case of extreme weather, typhoon signal number 8 or above, red rainstorm, black rainstorm, and any other events beyond our control which we deem to potentially put our employees or products at risk - we will contact you to suspend delivery. We will redeliver the order as soon as reasonably possible, with no additional charge.

What safety measures are in place?

Although there is no current evidence of COVID-19 transmission via food, we are taking the preventative measures below to ensure that our food is safe for you.

- All staff take body temperature checks before each production session
- All fresh fruits and vegetables are washed thoroughly before preparation
- The workplace and equipment are sanitised and disinfected before, during, and after each use - Hands are thoroughly washed and sanitised throughout the day, especially before and after handling food
- Face masks are worn at all times